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App Set Up - Steps 1-6

Pay once and set up Family Share/Library to download the app onto other devices.  

Apple -   Apple Family Share
Google -   Google Family Library

Or pay once and use the web version for free.

Must create a family account before attempting to login.
Each player will need their own Username and Passphrase. 

Each player will need their own Username and Passphrase - STEPS for you:

1.  Create a family account

2.  Register yourself with a Username (at least 4 letters) and a 14 character Passphrase (can have spaces)

3.  Load Job template and customize by sliding left to edit or delete

4.  Load Expectations template and slide left to edit or delete

5.  Set your Game Rules (will only change to what you set on the upcoming pay period which is Friday)

6.  Invite your Team to play (you will set your players Username and an invite gets sent to them to play and create their own Passphrase.  

You MUST use Family Share/Library to download the HFK app to your players devices for free before you invite them to play.  Otherwise use the free web app on any computer, laptop, tablet etc. at

Object of the Game

Object of the Game is for the Kids to finish each Pay Period without getting Fired and earn the Incentive Bonuses making them eligible for the Employee of the Month.

Kids do their best to follow the Family Values and Expectations you‘ve set together.  If your Kid is caught NOT following a Value or an Expectation by you, they're given a warning X.  After a certain amount of warning X's the Kid get's Fired.  (Option to Remove an X if the Kid corrects the X immediately)

If the Kid can go the entire Pay Period without getting Fired they will receive a NOT FIRED Bonus.  

If all Siblings can go the entire Pay Period without getting Fired they will each receive a TEAMWORK Bonus. 

If your Kid does get Fired they are NOT entitled to the above Incentive Bonuses and a consequence that you set together at your last Team Meeting will activate. 

Set your Rules

Set your Pay Period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

Set your recurring Pay Day Date

Set your Kids Kash Reward currency (dollars or points)

Set the number of Warning X's before getting Fired

Set the NOT FIRED Bonus reward amount

Set the TEAMWORK Bonus reward amount

Game On!

Set your recurring Family Team Meeting day and stick to it!

Stop giving your Kids money for their wants and stop buying their wants.  Time to teach your Kids to EARN their wants.

Start playing using the Probationary Period to drive Awareness and time to Teach.

Kids apply for Jobs created by you and get rewarded upon completion (no assigning chores by you in this game)!

Kids follow the family values and expectations set trying not to get Fired.

Kids get Paid out on Pay Day!

Family Sharing with Apple and Google

If you have purchased the HFK App from Apple or Google you can set up Family Sharing and get the App for Free on other Family Members devices.  

Here's how:

Apple - 

Google - 




What are your own family values? e.g. Be Kind, Respectful, Stay Positive etc.


Use our template/default or customize with your own Expectations. These are behavioural, hygiene, manners expectations your family must follow at all times, and can include some "must-do" chores. (Expectations are what can get you FIRED!)


  • Obtain input from your Kids about the type of consequences they’d expect for not following the Family Expectations.
  • Consider consequences that are realistic, manageable and that you as a parent can stick to.
  • Decide on the consequences of being FIRED!  Examples:
    • No TV
    • No Internet for the day
    • No playing with friends


  • Customize Kids Kash amount to suit your Family.
  • A dollar (or points) Bonus is held at the beginning of the pay period for each Kid, encouraging them to stay NOT FIRED.
  • If your Kid is FIRED, then the Bonus is taken away and not paid out on pay day.


At the end of the pay period if ALL Kids stay NOT FIRED then...

  • Dollar or Points Bonus is awarded to Each Kid. 
  • Family Experience for the whole team.  ie. Laser Tag, Home Movie Night, The Zoo.  

HOW TO - YOU'RE HIRED & Employee Of The Month



  • Choose from our template/default or customize with your own. 
  • Decide if any should instead be part of the everyday must-do basic contribution chores (Non-Payable). Move these to the Expectations.
  • Customize Kids Kash amount to suit your Family.
  • Parent(s) Initial each time job is complete on "paper" version


Parent(s) chooses Employee Of The Month and considers:

  • FAMILY VALUES – who was best at family values ie, helpful, kind, respectful, etc.
  • FIRED – who was NOT FIRED or had least amount of X’s.
  • TEAMWORK – who was helping or encouraging others to stay NOT FIRED.
  • HIRED  – who participated the most, applied for most jobs.

Your Own EOTM receives:

  • Special Reward for the WHOLE MONTH.  Kid to choose with parent(s) approval. ie. favourite seat in the car for the whole month. 
  • Submission to our HFK EOTM contest.

HFK EOTM Contest:

Parent(s) submit Kid to our contest for a chance to win prizes and extra recognition.


  o Minimum 5 chores applied for.

  o Must stay HIRED.

  o Overall values, participation, effort and teamwork.

Kids Kash

Take a look at our suggested Kids Kash payout but feel free to establish your own for what works in your Family.


Take the time and invest in teaching your Kids. Everyone will need some practice to adjust, so we highly recommend a probationary period to set you all up for success!

While the Kids are getting used to things, it's helpful to snap photo evidence of something you come across that is "X worthy".  Send a message to them as a friendly reminder and watch how fast they take action to resolve!

Recommended: TEAM MEETINGS (Pre-Launch & Pay Day)

  • Host an initial Pre-Launch Team Meeting to communicate the game and Kids Kash payouts chosen.
  • Have the Kids participate in setting Jobs and Expectations.
  • Throughout the pay period take photo evidence to show where improvements can be made. 
  • Host a Pay Day Team Meeting every pay period. Make it fun with snacks, prizes, cash on hand, order in, or even dress up!

Review things like: 

  1. Strengths and Opportunities that month 
  2. Focus items for new month
  3. Set consequences/rewards for new month
  4. Announce the EOTM

We used our BEFORE video along with our original Team Meeting presentation to launch HFK in our home.  Included below is also a progress video of one month AFTER.

Our Original Pre-Launch Presentation

Take a look at our very own Pre-Launch Team Meeting presentation.

2015 Team Meeting Presentation (pptx)


Check Out Our Before & After Videos

There was already improvement after just one month!  But as you see there was still more room to improve.  It does take time for the Kids to get used to things but if you stay with it for just a little while longer the payoff is soooo worth it!!

Detailed Orientation How To Package

For those that prefer more detailed instruction, here's an in depth look at each step of the way.