New Versions

We're already discussing and planning updated versions of the Hire and Fire your Kids App.  Since we based this app around the workforce it's only fitting we include many aspects you would see.  So, take your time, look around, and let us know if we are missing any. 

Annual Vacation Time


Just Like A Real Job!

Each of your Kids are entitled to Vacation time based on their Years of Service (Age).

o 4-7 years = 1 week

o 8-11 years = 2 weeks

o 12-15 years = 3 weeks

o 16+ = 4 weeks


Your Kid must apply for Vacation week(s) off and you must approve


Once approved your Kid does not have to complete any Jobs and will not get any warning X’s under Expectations for their entitled vacation time


Vacation Pay

o 4-7 years = $2.00

o 8-11 years = $5.00

o 12-15 years = $10.00

o 16+ = $20.00

A note about Vacation Time 

Sick Days


Kids Day Off!

"Sick Days" are a fun way for the Kids to take a day off from HFK.

A note about Sick Days 

30 Day Action Plan


“30 day Challenge”

This is a monthly challenge for the entire family that you pick together as a 30 Day Plan of Action from your Family Expectations.  Example:  60 Minutes of Physical Activity a Day for 30 days!

Goal of this 30 Day Action Plan is to create successful habits that instill a sense of pride.

Reward $5.00 to winner(s)

A note about the 30 Day Action Plan



Need Extra Help?

Overtime is an extra push for your Kids to help YOU do your own chores.  Having a dinner party this weekend?  "Hey Kids, who wants to earn overtime?!"  They can help you vacuum, make a veggie dip or even polish those wine glasses.

If you're in a rush and don't feel like waiting for THEM to "Apply" under HIRED, then just ASK your Kid (s) for help and pay them Overtime!  

Overtime is an Extra $1.00 over the posted rate.

A note about Overtime

Fun Pay Stub


Sample Pay Stub from our Upcoming APP!

Pay Stubs show how Kids hard work has paid off into real dollars! They will love seeing these at the end of each month. 

A note about the Pay Stub

Employee Benefits



In the workforce employees receive benefits.  In your home, it's a good idea to remind your Kids the type of benefits they receive by being part of your family.  Everyday things like medical, education, transportation, extra curricular activities. 

Kids can access their wellness account, sick days and vacation time based on parent approval.


Here's our example.

A note about Employee Benefits

Cash Advance


Did your Kid spend all their money already???

Is your Kid bugging you for money before Pay Day?  

Don't give it to them!  

If you do decide, then at least use our Cash Advance feature, it will COST them... $5.00 off their next pay.



Encourages Teamwork :)

Kids can Encourage or Refer their siblings for a Job or to help them finish their Job.  Sometimes Kids are more open to get things done when a Brother or Sister is encouraging them vs. Mom or Dad. 

Refer a sibling for a Job and earn $1.00 for each Referral completed

If the Kid Recommends and convinces their sibling(s) to help with their Job they split the pay and the Referring Kid earns an extra $1.00. 

Promotes teamwork, negotiation skills and bonding.          

Helps Parents so they aren't the ones always prompting and reminding Kids to apply for Jobs. 

Charitable Donations


Promote Generosity in your Kids

Want to give back and help others?  Kids have the option to Donate some or all of their pay to Charity every Pay Day.

Performance Review


Annual Performance Review

Kids love 1 x 1 time with their parents!  The performance review will nurture your family bond, giving an opportunity for both Parent and Kid to share what they love about the other and any opportunities to focus on for the upcoming year.

Parent Review

Sample Questions to ask your Kids:  take notes :)

How am I doing as your parent?

How do I show you that I care about you?

Are there times you feel like I don’t care about you?

Do I remember things that are important to you?

What have I taught you?

What could I do better?

What do I do that bugs you?

Are there things that you worry about in our family?

Anything else you would you like to share?

Kid Review

Write a letter to each of your Kids:

Share what traits you love about them

How they make you happy

How they make you proud

What have you learned from them

What you would like them to focus on for the upcoming year

Share your family values again

Then read it to them!

Employer Contributions


Annual Bonus

Every time a Kid collects a "Not FIRED" Bonus the Parent matches that amount.  It collects and gets paid out to the Kid as an annual Bonus, presented after their Performance Review.

Added incentive to keep Behaviours and Expectations in check.

Best idea to move into Kids Savings Account.

Employee Of The Year


$10,000.00 Scholarship

Any Kids named Employee Of The Month for that calendar year will automatically be eligible to enter the Employee Of The Year Scholarship Award!  More details to come.